Monday, March 14, 2011

Super Mario World 100% Glitched TAS

Tool Assisted Speed-run

Collab: bahmete (Josh), Kaizoman666 (Tom), Penangbenny (Justin L.), TheFinalBoss726 (Justin I.)

Hey guys, about of month ago I was experimenting with the power increment glitch when I came across the awesomeness of 106.  Power up 106 has the unique quality of having multiple outcomes depending on the frame and input when you grab either a mushroom or a star.  When you grab a flower or feather it either crashes the game, or puts a green gas bubble in mario's stock, and when you get a 1 Up it puts a changing mushroom sprite in your stock.  Out of the insane amount of outcomes known thus far, two are getting a goal (tape or point? we have yet to find out) that automatically unlocks the normal exit of the level, and getting a keyhole that automatically unlocks the secret exit (this keyhole starts automatically so you dont need a key.)

In this TAS we will be using a new route to complete the game since we will be using a very different strategy than the traditional Super Mario World TAS.  Usually, one heads right for Donut Plains 1 to get the cape as fast as possible, then completes Yoshi's Island 1 and the Yellow Switch Palace after returning to world 1 from special stage.  This is done because the player can save time in the two levels since they can move at 51 speed rather than 49.  In our TAS however, we can never gain a cape for that will put us at power up 2 which prevents us from using the game breaker, thus there is no difference if we go to Yoshi's Island 1 first or not.  However, this is used to our advantage.  Going there allows us to fill in all the yellow switch blocks, which can be used to get mushrooms to complete various levels, and we can get a flower to start at power up 3 instead of 1 (Big Mario.)

In our TAS we will be spending a lot of time doing the power up increment glitch, however all of the time will be made up since we get to skip mostly all levels.  Some levels we will still play since dragon coin exits can sometimes be faster if the only way to get a mushroom was getting a 1 Up from a previous level.  We also may be able to save time depending on what is considered to be 100% (for this we need to discuss it on  It is possible that we may not have to play every level.  Since we can get both the normal and secret exits in levels, we will be able to obtain secret exits that only have a normal exit.  If this still counts as 100% then we will be able to save time by not going on all the alternate paths.

Here are two screen shots of what we have done so far:

This picture shows us getting the fire flower in Yoshi's Island 1.

This picture shows the duplication from a distance through the info block during the dragon coin skip in Yoshi's Island 3.  Note that we have already done the power up increment glitch three times which is why Mario has a disgusting green and brown pallet! xD

Once we have completed world 1 I will upload the smv for you guys!